Do You Love Me - 简弘亦
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[ti:Do You Love Me]
[al:Do You Love Me]
[00:00.07]Do You Love Me - 简弘亦
[00:07.59]The time was all beautiful
[00:14.03]No one want wake up once more
[00:20.39]Like a rainbow hanging in the sky
[00:26.77]Like a flower blossom
[00:33.05]When they blows you away
[00:39.49]Crying me a river and sea
[00:45.86]Like a sunshine hiding in the cloud
[00:52.32]Like a windy with a rain
[00:57.73]I wanna be inside your heaven
[01:04.18]I can remember your smile
[01:10.66]The time is now beautiful
[01:17.98]I wont miss this time once more
[01:24.50]Let me tell you how do I love you
[01:30.78]Wonder do you love me
[01:37.00]Then you tell me how do you love me
[01:43.58]How sweet the love can be