Endless Road - 崇喆 - 起飞
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[00:00.14]Endless Road
[00:13.41]The truth is tearing up my heart
[00:19.39]I cant recognise this place
[00:24.51]The endless road without a stop sign
[00:30.95]Cant even find a stranger this time
[00:39.30]Why am I still holding back my tears
[00:44.84]In this loneliness theres nothing left to fear
[00:50.20]Every chord still seems a wonder
[00:53.25]How we could be together
[00:56.27]Everytime I ask if this would be the last
[01:01.09]Why am I still talking to myself
[01:06.44]Hoping you will have the keys to my cell
[01:11.93]Every song might calm the weather
[01:14.86]But it just draws me deeper
[01:17.90]How do I get out of this
[01:20.42]I think I never will